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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 31, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> well, i'm not gonna take it anymore. i don't think the american people are gonna take it anymore. >> a showdown on capitol hill and for now the counterterrorism showdown has been shutdown, but it is not over yet. >> despite hours of debate one of the most controversial pieces of the patriot act expired. sergio has been following tonight's develop meant and joins us live in the newsroom. sergio? >> katie the controversial part of the patriot act is section 215 and it is one of a few pieces but it is likely they may return in a few days with reforms. leading the charge in the senate to have these portions of the patriot act expire.
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three parts of the patriot act have expired. making it hard to monitor a suspect and wers to attract lone wolves also expire and the nsa can no longer bulk collect records. >> by 6:00 p.m. eastern time that's when they actually stopped the program. they had to tell the companies to stop sending them information. this is a big win for privacy advocates. >> it is really rare where the government acts or even through its inaction does something to take away the investigative powers of the nsa. by doing that it is giving people back their personal privacy. >> president obama says this is a blow to the nation's ability to fight terrorists. >> heaven forbid we have a problem where we could have
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prevented a terrorist attack, but we didn't do so because of inaction in the senate. >> the senate also did not approve the usa freedom act that is an over haul that has been passed by the house of representatives. >> they should have acted on this weeks ago. they have recklessly and you are responsibly allowed tools that keep us safe to expire and they have prevented us from serious reforms from what is needed. until then federal agents will have to track suspects the old-fashioned way through warrants and wiretaps. abc7 news. developing news in san jose. an hour's long search for two people accused of crashing into a police car is officer. is over. officers arrested a man and woman. police say officers pulled over the pair earlier tonight, but the driver tried to hit one of the officers with the car. when they spotted the car the driver crashed into a police
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cruiser with officer inside. a live look outside right now for you from our exploratorium camera. a bit of drizzle is on the way with a first check on weather and live dop deer hd. >> -- live doppler hd. as we get into the final minutes of the month of may we look back and see that many locations were desperate to find any measurable rainfall like santa rosa and oakland and san francisco just 13% of the thunderstorm rainfall. but in the south bay saw some soaking showers and they were actually over their rainfall. they are showing you showers ahead of the cold front and that wet weather will slide south. we will take a closer look at the timing and show you how much you can expect where you live this the accu-weather seven-day forecast. >> thanks, drew. >> mandatory water cuts affecting nearly all of us begin across california. most folks will face a 20% cut in water use.
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some studies must slash even more including 32% cuts in prent wood and 36% cuts in hillsboro and 28% in morgan hill. east bay mud customers cannot water lawns or plants between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. and they can only water outdoors twice a week. those limits have inspired some homeowners to transform their yard. >> taking off the grass lawn and saving us mulch . >> they have approved fines for customers who use too much water. >> if you think you see water being wasted go to abc7 we will check out as many tips as we can. the fire department will start checking to see if property owners can meet to
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clear away brush. they saw signs like these reminding them of the deadline in san ramon. firefighters say you can make your home safer by creating defensible space around all buildings. you can also cut the fire danger by clearing needles and leaves from your rooves and gutters. 10 people including two construction workers after a bizarre accident. a man being lifted broke free and fell 28 stories. they were hit by flying debris. later this hour we will have a look at some of the most serious crane accidents that happened in new york city. three people were hurt after a car crashed into a terminal at los angeles international airport this afternoon. a 9-year-old girl was walking on the sidewalk. she was hit and critically injured. two people in the car also went to the hospital. jury selection in the trial of the school district. district officials are accused
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of failing to report sexual abuse by a teacher. the families of four victims brought the law you suit against the former top administrators in the evergreen school district. craig chandler was found guilty of molesting five blindfolded students in his classroom. smie new details -- new details a prosecutor will return to work seven years after being accused of raping a junior colleague. they said the case lacked evidence. they handled sex crime cases for the district attorney's office before his arrest in 2008. he collected more than a million dollars in pay while on administrative leave. starting tomorrow a ban goes into affect on most stye raw home -- styrofoam food containers. it applies to restaurant takeout containers and foam ice chests however pre
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packaged foods like meat and eggs can be sold in stye styrofoam. tomorrow a san francisco board of supervisors committee is expected to look at three new measures to curb soda drenging. one would require the soda ads to carry warning labels and another would ban ads on public property and a third would provide city funds from being used to buy soda. on tuesday voters in saw know that you county -- sonoma county will vote on a fund to improve road work. it would increase a quarter percent for five years. more than 1300 protesters are expected outside facebook's headquarters in menlo park. a drag queen is leading the efforts to change the company's real name policy. a legal name is required to get a facebook account but some lgbt people would rather use names that better reflect their identity. facebook closes accounts said to be under fake names.
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they believe some people are using the policy to tar dwet people. >> people are using this as a tool to have anyone they find objectionable basically booted off facebook. if you see someone where you don't like the way they lock or think their name is fake, report them. it takes one click. >> the protest starts at 11:00 in the morning. berkeley's public schools may make it harder for schools to enroll in an effort to keep out nonresidents. parents have to show three documents like a driver's license or a utility bill to prove their family lives in berkeley. a new proposal would require additional proof of residency, lease agreement or deed. still to come on abc news at 11:00, women and technology. the big summit. and a plan for google's south
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covering fremont palo alto, north bay and all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. women from silicon valley and beyond are gathering for the women in technology summit. as abc7 news reporter lilian kim tells us, the event is bringing attention to inequality. >> look at all of these beautiful women. >> after an activist gave quite the talk in san jose. in someways it was a continuation of her acceptance
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speech where she addressed the topic of equal rights for women. >> you need women to ask and answer questions of how women need things to be how women respond to things and how things feel to women to design products that work for them from the ground up. >> they left feeling inspired. >> we need to keep getting opportunities for us girls and for other people around us. we need to make a community. >> witty women technology international started 21 years ago because of the same issues facing women today. lower pay compared to male colleagues and lack of advancement and lack of women in general. >> there haven't been as many improvements i expected to find after 25 years. >> even with all of this talk of iny qult there is time -- inequality there is time to focus on the positive. including the actor on star
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trek. she played a character other than a servant. >> there are so many young women, black white yellow, brown and red, saying at last. >> something organizers hope will some day be said about gender equality. in san jose lilian kim abc7 news. >> google has a new plan for expanding in mountain view. building plans filed on friday called for a 600,000 square foot partially transparent dome near the current headquarters. an earlier proposal shown in the san francisco business times called for a much larger network of domes in another part of the city. the city council gave that space to other companies. it will include a water treatment plant and a nature path and shopping. >> new at 11:00, a star-studded end to the 150th anniversary celebration honoring chinese workers on the trans
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continental railroad. abc news was in san francisco when nancy cuong received a lifetime achievement award. she starred in the then 61 movie "flower drum song." organizers honored her for opening up. >> we sold out like weeks and people were squeezing us for tickets. >> quan flew in for the event. she said asian americans have come a long way since her famous film. >> while we are celebrating the warriors we celebrated the best tans in basketball. this proud dad is today's fan of the day. we think he and his family could bring the team some luck. dad was just one year old the last time the warriors won the championship and his son has won. it can't just be a coincidence. you can get in on the action too.
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use the # dubs on seven. include your city so we can give uh proper shoutout. the next fan of the day could be you. >> abc7 news is the only place where you can see the warriors and the cavaliers face-off. the action begins on thursday june 4th. let's get a check of the forecast and send it over to meteorologist drew tuma. a little possible drizzle? drew, question mark? >> that will move through early tomorrow morning. it is all associated with a quick moving cold front that slides through here on monday morning. live doppler 7hd is dry, but we will zoom out and show you where the rain is. it is all ahead of the cold front. we are seeing a few lightning strikes to the north and west of redding. this entire system is not showing a lot of moisture, but nonetheless as the cold front moves through it will bring some drizzle with it. as we turn the calendar page to the month of june tomorrow, june certainly not known as a wet month. look at the normal rainfall
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for the next 30 days generally less than a quarter inch across many locations in the bay area. we are not talking a lot of rain, but there will be damp spots. the winds right now are out of the east. generally 5 to 10 miles per hour and that is mixing up our atmosphere and bringing us pretty similar temperatures across the bay area. out there right now most locations are sitting in the mid50s. the same in san francisco and oakland and 58 in hayward and fremont is coming in with a temperature of 54. satellite and radar, here is the set up. the cold front right now is a thin line of cloud cover you can see off the coast. ahead of the cold front you have some showers in northern california you. you notice future weather has you covered tomorrow morning at 6:00 in the morning. it is picking up on some drizzle around the bay. the clouds may linger long enough that it will keep us
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partly sunny on monday afternoon. in terms of how much rain you can expect it is not a soaking shower. less than a 10th of an inch. overnight we will see the clouds. they are thickening and then after midnight the cold front moves through and that's when we see the drizzle move if. the clouds are acting as a blanket and keeping that warmth close to the surface. low and mid50s are where we will sit overnight. highs for your monday, the drizzle early on and then the clouds linger into the afternoon. peaks of sunshine for monday afternoon, but a cool start for the month of june. 69 in napa and 67 santa rosa and up to 68 in palo alto and 73 in san jose and the warmest spot we find on our map, antioch with a high of 74 degrees. tomorrow we have that morning drizzle move in. we dry out by the afternoon. tuesday it is partly cloudy. midweek it is sunshine. thursday a steady pattern with
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a bit of a warm up on friday and then the weekend we are tracking another chance of showers on saturday and sunday. mike nicco will track that tomorrow morning. >> thank you drew. it could be the world's most expensive lunch. coming up, the bidding underway right now and where al
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world war ii aircraft flew again today at concord's by can fan field airport. aviation b pho fs young and old -- buff young and old checked out the aircraft. they highlighted today's lineup. bombers help the allies defeat nazi germany and other access powers. bidding is underway on what could be the world's most expensive lunch. the 16th annual rurch with billionaire warren buffet auction is happening now. all of the funds go to san
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francisco's glide foundation. the auction began with a $25,000 minimum bid. on ebay the highest bid was $500,000. it ends on friday. last year someone paid more than $2 million. a 92-year-old cancer survive just became the oldest woman to finish a marathon. harriet thompson finished the rock and roll marathon in san diego 7 hours. the mother of five is a three-time cancer survivor. this was her 17th marathon. unless you think she was a lifetime runner she started running at age 76. congratulations, harriet. beyond impressive. >> tas unbelievable. >> she looks great. >> there is hope for me. >> very inspiring. warriors and cavs, a little preview. game one of the nba finals and all of the talk has been about lebron and stef curry.
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the former saint mary's star roaming and [baseball crowd noise] ♪ ♪ [x1 chime] ♪
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♪ [crowd cheers] oh! i can't believe it! [cheering] hi, grandma! ♪
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after a horrible start the a's are starting to heat up taking tree of four with today's win. he invited any warrior player taking the game. i think it is good news that clay is at the game. jesse chavez and he is gonna blow a fast ball past rodriguez. impressive outing. he hasn't within getting much run support. his 11th of the year and gives the a's a 2-0 lead. he was responsible for all three runs on the day.
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let's go bottom of nine. strikes out mccann. a's win it taking three of four. first series win since may 3rd. clay hanging with the athlete. school is out for summer and teachers in the bleachers. they took him to school with back to back jacks giving the giants a 2-0 lead. a shot in the seventh gave them the lead late. he turns the double play and game is over. error. now 5-4 braves with the bases juiced. he unloads on casilla. he didn't take the best angle on the ball. three runs score. third blown save for casia. ncaa regionals and cal looking to eliminate tebz text a and m. nice staches. solo shot ties it at two.
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yesterday these two teams went 14 and today only 12. texas a&m boots it, but they catch aaron nap. he is caught in a pickle and eventually tagged out. cal falls 4-3. same two play tomorrow and the winner advancing to the super regionals. it was a rematch just two minutes. we go to sudden death. senior playing his final game and takes it to the house for the win. 17-12 your final. we have lebron versus steph with andrew boggit. the former saint mary star making headlines with his aggressive plays. he has been called a dirty player, accused of trying to
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hurt his fellow players. >> he plays high and plays gritty. you have to know going into a game with a guy like that that you can't go in half hearted. a guy you love to play with and hate to pray against. >> more from the warriors and the calf leaks. cavaliers. picture on your trading card. amare cooper has more. part of a crane comes crashing down. the damage and the dangers. and pop star enrique uh glass yeahs and how he wa
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good evening. in tonight's headlines a man and woman are in jail accused of crashing a car into a police cruiser and trying to run over an officer. this is new video of the car being towed away. they were found and arrested after they ran into a back road. jury selection starts tomorrow in a trial against a san jose school district. the former teacher craig chandler was found guilty of molesting five blindfolded students in his classroom. four of the families say the evergreen school district ignored clear warning signs that could have prevented the abuse. mandatory water cuts start
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tomorrow across the state. east bay mud customers cannot water lawns between 9:00 in the morning and 6:00 at night. if you use too much water you can be fined. >> no fatalities after a crane dropped a big piece of equipment in new york city. 10 people were hurt, but none of the injuries are life-threatening. several buildings were hit as the cranes crashed 30 stories to the ground. lyndsay janice has the details. >> smoke and destruction on the streets of new york after a crane dropped a massive piece of equipment in midtown manhattan. >> structural damage into the street. >> sending objects large and small raining down several blocks. smoke clouding the air. >> this piece of equipment scraped the front of the building. some of the glass the fiberglass and light weight metal, that's what you see on the streets.
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>> within minutes they arrived on the scene shutting down madison avenue. >> thank god this incident occurred on a weekend when there was not too many people around. >> mayor de blasio confirming injuries including several construction workers hit by debris as they passed by. it appears the crane was lifting a piece of equipment when it somehow fell off. new york has a history of deadly crane accidents. in early 2008 a crane came crashing down flattening a townhouse and killing seven people. and then just two months later another deadly collapse on the upper eastside. trains are a fact of life on a city as vertical as new york. it is not encouraging to those who live and work and walk. >> we get concerned if something falls from the skies especially equipment. >> the building department has confirmed all permits were in place and the crane has no
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complaints on file. now the focus shifts to what went wrong. abc news, new york. texas is about to get its first period of extended sunshine after the rainiest month on record. a flood swollen river outside houston forced ranchers to drive a herd of cattle out of the area. houston has seen $45 million in storm damage. authorities are warning of more flooding overnight. 31 people died in texas and oklahoma. 10 people are missing. now to the scandal swirling around dan nighs hasart. they are coming forward to say how unlikely the charges against him r. there is no end to the mystery how the charges came to be brought against him. mary bruce has the story. >> once the most powerful man in congress tonight dennis hastart's name has been stripped from his alma-mater as he dayses an uncertain
11:39 pm
future. charged with bank fraud and lying to the fbi after he allegedly promised to pay $3.5 million to someone to cover up his past misconduct. sources say he was paying a former male student and the misconduct was sexual. now sources say there was a second individual who was also allegedly victimized. another former student at yorkville high school in illinois where hastart was a teacher and wrestling coach for 16 years. his former fellow coach says it doesn't ring true. >> to experience i ever had would lead me to believe this must be true. it must be politics. >> they said he skirted financial reporting requirements to make large withdrawals and then lied for what the money was being used for. telling the fbi, i kept the cash. >> you usually charge these crimes because you are bringing someone down for a larger crime. >> that's mary bruce
11:40 pm
reporting. still no comment from the former speaker or legal team. hastart is expected to be arraigned and he could face up to 10 years in prison. the secretary of state john kerry is recovering overnight after breaking his leg in a bicycle crash. this is video of kerry cycling earlier. he was airlifted to a hospital in geneva. he had to scrap the rest of a four-nation trip you including an international conference on the islamic state group. enrique uh gleys yeses cut his hand in tijuanna mexico. the drone goes above to get videos. sometimes he grabs it to get a point of view shop but this time something went wrong. hacking your own mind. coming up the new technology developed right here in the bay area. but is it safe? >> i am meteorologist drew
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touma. the clouds are increasing and a cold front comes out tomorrow morning and that bill bring a li
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we showed these kids some items from a nearby store, whoa! but they didn't know they were all tobacco products. ooh this is cool. it smells like gum. yummy. this smells like strawberry. ooh, are these mints? with colorful packaging and fruit and candy flavors that kids love, who do you think tobacco companies are targeting? do we get to keep any?
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>> a possible breakthrough for the hundreds of thousands of people every year who have cancer that spreads to the brain. doctors found that radiation therapy to the whole brain did
11:44 pm
not improve survival, and it harmed memory speech and thinking skills. cancer specialists say the study shows patients will have a better quality of life with less treatment. the study was discussed today at a cancer conference in chicago. the bay area is known for being on the cutting edge of technology. now we are at the epicenter of a growing movement to use tech devices to improve our own brains. ama daetz has the story. >> hillary fine's brain is in complete control of a space ship. >> from a single sensor we can read eeg and apply it into this toy. >> her head set is translating her brain waves allowing her thoughts to move the spacecraft into an interactive "star wars" game. it essentially reads the electricity leaving the brain. a few feet away another type of headset is doing the opposite. >> the electricity flow is
11:45 pm
going across john's brain at the moment. >> instead of picking up electronic signals this device is pumping mild amounts of electricity into a volunteer's brain which developers claim enhances mental performance. things like men dahl -- mental vigilance. >> they were among dozens of devices being brain tested in san francisco. a show place for a new wave of technologies promising to help us optimize our own brain. >> while much of the focus is on the consumer market it is still powerful. in fact many are slimed down versions of technologies already being used in hospitals and universities across the country. >> and you will be able to really see what goes on. >> in his lab at ucsf he uses headset sensors and 3-d projection to track the pathway firing in a person's brain. brain-based biofeedback systems can be used to treat
11:46 pm
conditions from autism to alzheimer's disease. it it could come through video game. it comes to neuro feedback. it is all ways of challenging our brain. >> in the meantime one advanced clinically tested device is showing what is possible. doctors at stanford are using the neuro star to treat depression by stimulating the pathways with the neural signals. >> it is taking the circuits and reregulating the circuits. >> a good regulating feeling with nothing else complicating it. >> designers are hoping to launch a self-help resolution. they can optimize their thinking to better control their emotions. >> you will see the fully clothed loop systems than can influence your nervous system and the brain is the cutting edge of the future.
11:47 pm
>> that was ama daetz reporting. >> many of the commercially available headsets you saw are being used to gather data in research studies around the country. romance goes high-tech. kyle and brianna lewis met on twitter, dated on skype and this weekend said i do on pe are riscope. it allows viewers to stream live video and in this case friends and family could watch the wedding in realtime even if they weren't there. >> i we have friends and family in other countries. she has families in costa resaw and puerto rico. jay it was launched recently by san francisco-based twitter. >> what will they think of next? >> a final check of the forecast withdrew and some dwr news about what we can expect in the morning. >> i know, the first day of june and we are talking a little drizzle as you start your monday morning. we are not tracking wet weather and tomorrow morning we will see some green on the screen.
11:48 pm
look at weather. we are tracking a cold front on the eastern half of the u.s. you can see the front is draped over philadelphia. they are cool at 66 in new york but it is warm to the sound. otherwise back to the west it is generally clear skies in most areas, but hot in the southwest. closer to home tomorrow 74 l.a. 80 yosemite and closer in the bay area tomorrow we will see the morning drizzle first thing. by the afternoon we dry out. it is cool in terms of june numbers. 63 for san francisco and 67 santa rosa and 65 the high in oakland and 74 in antioch and 73 san jose and 63 fremont and palo alto up to 68. tomorrow we have the morning drizzle as the cold front moves through. on tuesday we are dry and partly cloudy. wednesday we have fog eurning to sunshine. a nice day on thursday. it is a steady pattern.
11:49 pm
on friday we are warming up and then by saturday next weekend we are tracking another quick moving system that will bring showers likely on saturday and may even linger into the first half of our sunday but nonetheless unsettled as we wrap up the forecast. >> you are such a bearer of good news. >> what about june sph? >> and shu has good news about the warriors. >> when will they play again? we have to look ahead to game one with an australian flavor. and nfl rookies getting a taste of being a professional and putting on a uniform for
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we have lebron against steph and aussie rules. the australian hoops has never been so popular. the former saint mary's star has been making headlines this post season with his aggressive play. he has been called a dirty player. he has been trying to injure his opponents and he played a significant role during cleveland's run to the finals replacing kyrie irving. his thoughts. >> i think he is good. he plays hard and gritty. you have to know going into a game against a guy like that you can't go in half hearted. a guy you love to play with
11:53 pm
and hate to play against. >> he is the kind of guy you can throw in any situation. he is one of those kids that -- and i'm sure they wouldn't do that but if his parents were to throw him into the water before he knew how to swim he would do the backstroke breaststroke and the crawl before we figured out he was even in there. he is that kind of kid. whatever we need him to do he will be ready to do. >> there is an analogy. game one of the nba finals tips off at 6:00 p.m. on abc7. it is followed by abc7's "after the game." join starts director larry beil hall of famer nate thurman and yours truly in oakland. hope to see you there. the a's are heating up. they took three of four from the yankees. manager bob melvin invited warrior players all year to a game and klay thompson took him up on it today. clay has been sitting around
11:54 pm
his house the last few days, so a good sign he is at the game. he blows a fast ball past alex rodriguez. he has not gotten run support this year, but his 11th of the year is out of here. a's go up 2-0. strikes out brian mccann. a's take three of four for a series win. clay hanging with josh red duck and the -- josh reddick and the gang. school's out for summer. brandon belt and brandon crawford took him to school. back to back homers to give the giants a 2-0 lead. crawford turns this double play and you won't see that often. unloads on santiago he didn't take the best angle.
11:55 pm
a four-run 9th. atlanta has a 7-5 victory. it has been a whirlwind month. they sign their first pro contract and can start practicing with their new teams and they get their first rookie card. amari cooper got to wear his full raiders iewn tomorrow for the first time. here is his rookie card. if he plays his cards right he will have plenty more when his career is over. >> it feels great. i have gotten a lot of compliments saying it looks great on me. i am appreciative. i am a player who will work hard and study and hopefully it will payoff when i actually play in games. >> he will be a good one. he shot a five under 64 and back birdies on 16 and 17 a
11:56 pm
four-shot victory and he ran away with it. nascar dover for the fed ex 400. carl edwards should know you can't drive off with a crew member attached to your car. dover should be named after jimmie johnson. he was the fifth driver in nascar history to have 10 wins on a single track. cal rugby looking for their 7th straight. 12-7 and two minutes remaining and donna hoe goes in for the tribe. that means sudden death. jake anderson his final game gets around his man and takes it to the house. cal wins their third consecutive 7 title. we will have more from the warriors cam will -- camp and
11:57 pm
should have more on clay thomas. i have to believe he can play in game one on thursday. >> good signs. >> and yes i have a trading card. >> which we are going to they'd. going to need. but they are really hard to find. >> says you. >> and remiss for not putting it in the newscast, but kim kardashian is pregnant with her second baby. the news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. for shu and drew, thank you for joining us. have a great night and a great workweek. ♪ (music throughout) ♪ sfx: (smash) sfx: (roar) ♪ sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars)
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